How to Pack 50 Outfits in a Tote Bag!

May 01, 2018Andrew Gordon

Rachel Grant presents her latest packing feat! It's pure PACKING MAGIC! PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!

Our Biaggi Foldable Tote is a small pouch that transforms into a roomy zippered tote perfect for everyday errands and all travels. Not in use? No problem! The Shopper Tote folds back down in an instant making it easy to store, or even to carry as a spare bag. Two handy inner and outer zipped pockets securely hold essential items and the durable shoulder straps make it easy to carry. Perfect for shopping and ditching plastic bags, as well as the gym or carrying in your handbag and for all travels. 

As you can see, this bag is able to pack an entire wardrobe!


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