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Let's Roll! Re-Useable Compression Packing Bags – 12 Pack


Our Compression Packing Bags remove excess air from bulky garments, saving up to 90% packing space! Each pack comes with 12 bags, 4 small, 4 medium and 4 large, so you can pack anything from undergarments to heavy winter coats. Also perfect for those piles of laundry on your trip back home, and for storing bulky clothes in your closet. These bags are designed so that air can go out, but can't get back in when sealed. So no vacuum is necessary!


  • Dimensions: Small=14"x20" / Medium=16"x24" / Large=20"x28"
  • Each bag comes with a removable zipper tab which helps to seal the bag once items are placed inside. The tab can be removed once the bag is sealed. 
  • Once the bag is sealed and items are placed inside, press down on the bag to release some air, and then roll the bag from the zippered side to force the remaining air out of the bag. The air holes stay closed once you ease the pressure, so air cannot re-enter the bags. 
  • Bags are water and mold proof, keeping items fresh for years. So you can compress blankets, pillows and even bulky ski clothes!
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